Become A Speaker at the September 2022
Profitable Podcast Manager Summit

Be a part of an event that will build your brand awareness, grow your email list, and connect with fellow amazing entrepreneurs in the online space, all while providing amazing value to the summit attendees and helping them start and grow their podcast management business this year.

Summit Dates: Monday, September 12th - Friday, September 16th


The Profitable Podcast Manager Summit?

The road to success as a podcast manager is woven with ups and downs. I created this free event to bring you inspirational stories and actionable advice from successful podcast experts to help you grow your podcast management business.
The Profitable Podcast Manager Summit is a 100% free virtual summit made with you in mind!


Being A Speaker

Build Brand Awareness

One of the main benefits of speaking at the event is building brand awareness. By sharing your expertise to the audience, you are positioning yourself as an expert. You are building brand awareness and recognition to a primarily new audience, that is what is so great about all of us coming together in a single event!

Grow Your Email List

While you won’t receive the list of attendees, there is still an opportunity to grow your email list. Your freebie will be mentioned several times and in several places - in the introduction interview, next to the video, under your bio, and more! This is your chance to blow the audience away with your brilliance and grow your audience.

Make Money

As a speaker, you have the opportunity to sign up to be an affiliate. That means that for every sale you make through your affiliate link you will make some moolah! Speakers receive 40% from all purchases made through their link. BUT if you provided a digital product for the VIP Product Power Pack, then as a thank you, you will earn 50% from your link.

Network with Speakers

My favorite part of hosting summits is the connections we make. I get the opportunity to meet and talk with each of you and we want you to have that opportunity as well! That is why we are hosting a Speaker Meet + Greet (more details to come) and have created a Speaker-Only Facebook group.

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An event like this has so many moving pieces. That is why communication and meeting deadlines are KEY.

Dates + Deadlines

Speaker Presentation Due Date: Friday, August 5th

Speaker Intro Interview Dates: July 12th and 14th

Summit Promotion Period Begins: Monday, August 15th

Summit Week: Monday, September 12th – Friday, September 16th


About Your Presentation

  • Your Presentation Should Be Value Focused

    The purpose of this summit is to provide as much value as possible to the attendees. Please avoid webinar-style presentations. These types of presentations tend to be all FLUFF with no real substance. Think of these more like workshops. The attendees should come out with VALUABLE and ACTIONABLE takeaways. This is your chance to really blow the attendee away and make a memorable impression.

  • You May Share An Offer At The End of Your Presentation

    While the presentation should be primarily value, that doesn’t mean you can’t pitch something. At the end of the presentation, you can take a minute or two to share a relevant offer that you believe would be useful to the audience. This can be your freebie (which will be linked on the page) or a paid offering of your choice.

  • Your Presentation Is Pre-Recorded

    While the event is live, your presentation will not be. Instead, you will record it ahead of time. This gives you time to prepare and record on your schedule, so you can be fully present during the summit. Once we have your presentation, we will edit it so that your intro interview is before the material.

  • You Will Join Us for An Intro Interview

    During one of our interview dates, we will hop on a Zoom call together for an intro interview. This will give us a chance to chat about you, your expertise, your presentation, your freebie and your VIP Product Power Pack offering (if applicable). We will also ask you your number tip for upleveling your biz. These interviews are short, but are a way to connect with and inspire the audience as well as get them excited for your presentation to come!

  • Your Presentation Must Be A MP4 File

    There are so many programs and several different ways to record your presentation. But before you submit your presentation, please make sure it is an MP4 file format. If not, you can convert it here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The summit itself is absolutely free. Attendees can sign up for their free ticket and watch the presentations as they are released each day. Each presentation will be available for attendees to watch for free for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, the only way to access the presentation is to upgrade to the VIP All-Access Pass.

For this summit, there are two paid offerings: the VIP All-Access Pass and the VIP Product Power Pack.

The VIP All-Access Pass will grant attendees lifetime access to all the presentations from the event. It will also include MP3 downloads of each presentation as well as a special workbook to go with the event.

The VIP Product Power Pack will include everything in the VIP All-Access Pass PLUS access to a bonus digital product bundle. The digital product bundle will include all the digital products provided by the amazing speakers. There will also be other bonuses like panels and hot seats. 

There are several opportunities and tiers to upgrade.

Tripwire – Available for 15 minutes after signing up for the free ticket

  • VIP All-Access Pass: $47
  • VIP Product Power Pack: $97

Early Bird Pricing – Available before the summit starts

  • VIP All-Access Pass: $97
  • VIP Product Power Pack: $197

Regular Pricing – Available once the summit starts

  • VIP All-Access Pass: $127
  • VIP Product Power Pack: $247

No, just because someone signs up for the summit doesn’t mean they have consented to be emailed by all the speakers. However, you do have an opportunity to grow your list. This is where your freebie comes in. The link to opt-in to your freebie will be listed in several places from the website, to your speaker page, to the workbook, to the Facebook group and more.

You must submit your presentation to me by FRIDAY, August 5th. This is SUPER important because I need time to watch, create your presentation notes and edit your presentation. If by some chance you need a little extra time, please let me as soon as you know there is an issue.

Your presentation should be between 30-35 minutes. However, make sure it is no less than 25 minutes and no more than 45 minutes. I would much rather have a presentation on the shorter, than have fluff. Attendees will appreciate it as well.

Not at all! Each day during the summit, that day’s presentations will go live at 8 am CST. There is no set time for each presentation and there will be no chat. I have found that the attendees like the flexibility. What is encouraged though, is to be in the Facebook group the day of your presentation. Check in and engage with the attendees. Be there to answer questions if needed. Attend the Take Action Session at 2 pm CST that day (if you are available). The Facebook group will be the place for connection and engagement. If you haven’t already joined the Facebook group, you can do so here

The recommended minimum promotion efforts are sending out 2 emails and posting 2 times on social media. But ideally you’ll promote as much as possible! The success of the event is a collective effort. We are going to do all we can to personally promote on our own channels as well as run Facebook ads, but each speaker needs to do their part as well!

Think about it this way. If only some speakers promote and others don’t, it really isn’t fair for the group. But if everyone promotes then our reach expands exponentially. Remember this is a group effort and when you promote the summit, you are supporting every speaker in the summit. #communityovercompetition

Promotion for the event is Monday, August 15th through Sunday, September 11th.

Promotional materials will be available by August 5th so you will have plenty of time to work ahead and get things scheduled if you would like.

Possibly! You have the opportunity to earn affiliate commission from each sale made through your affiliate link.

You will earn 40% commission on all VIP All-Access Pass and VIP Product Power Pack sales made through your affiliate link.

BUT if you contributed a digital product to the VIP Product Power Pack, then you will earn an additional 10% commission, making your commission 50% on all sales made through your link.

Since you are promoting the event anyways, might as well use your affiliate link and have the potential to earn extra income!

Yes! My favorite part of hosting summits is the connections I make. I get the opportunity to meet and talk with each of you and I want you to have that opportunity as well! That is why I am hosting a Speaker Meet + Greet (more details to come) and have created a Speaker-Only Facebook group.

This will also be a great place to get updates on the event!

No worries! Please reach out to us directly at


Your Host

Hi, I'm Jenny!

I am so stoked to be the host of The Profitable Podcast Manager Summit. I have hosted over 12 summits in the past 4 years and have helped produce countless others.

I have taken EVERYTHING I have learned over the past few years to make it even better than before!


My passion is to help podcast managers create profitable and sustainable businesses.


So thank you so much for joining me, and let’s make this one UNFORGETTABLE event!

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